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Super-Tuff™ Overlays designed to Reduce Operating Cost and Impress your Customers


Article From the December 2005 issue of The Journal Coin Laundry/Dry Cleaning:

Overlays for laundry machinery touch pads are now available from American Switch/Dominc’s™. .

The overlay is the decorative/protective cover, or label, on the touch pad. It is used by the customer to select the machine cycle. The importance of the overlay goes beyond customer control of the machine; it is the part most noticeable to the customer. The overlay also protects the touch pad under it against excessive wear from fingernails, keys, etc., helping to reduce down time and repair costs.

Dominic’s™ Super-Tuff™ overlays are designed to keep the machine looking new. Only the highest quality materials are used. All overlays are hard coated to stand up to the demanding use in coin laundries and resist wear or scratching from daily cleaning.

Dominic says: “A good looking overlay gives your customer a good impression of your coin laundry.”

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