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Article about Dominic's Super-Tuff™ and Dura-Flex™ Touch Pads


Article From the November, 2005 issue of The Journal Coin Laundry/Dry Cleaning

American Switch™ Introduces Replacement Touchpads/Keypads for Coin Laundries

After years of research and development, followed by field testing, American Switch is introducing its two new lines of touchpads: Super-Tuff™ and Dura-Flex™. Both types feature a warranty unheard of in replacement touchpads: three years for Super-Tuff™ and a limited lifetime warranty for Dura-Flex™.

The continuous use and environment of coin laundries presented some unique challenges to their chemist and design engineer. For example, many other touchpads use carbon over silver to prevent migration and shorting. American Switch has developed proprietary manufacturing techniques that allow using silver to silver contacts giving superior conductivity to the controls. Integral contact area also avoids using metal dome contacts that can cause excessive wear to the overlay. All touch pads are designed to be a simple replacement; compatible with the original equipment.

One of the company’s owners, Ernest Pessagno, has been involved with coin laundries for over three decades. His son is also actively involved with coin laundries and the touch pad business. When introducing the new touchpads Ernie decided to give his son’s name to these high quality, reliable touch pads and they are also known under the name Dominic’s Touchpads.

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