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Planet Laundry Article about Our Touch Pads

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From: December 2007, The Journal, now Planet Laundry.

The article is about our first generation. As good as they were then, they are continuously being improved!

Dominic’s TouchPads™ has introduced a new product line to make washer and dryer touch pad maintenance easier and more economical.

Dominic’s has had Super-Tuff™ overlays available for years and is now offering an alternative repair that also saves time. Its new PadPatch™ line eliminates the need to remove the original overlay when it becomes worn or damaged.

When the original overlay starts to crack or develops gaps in it, the touch pad under it becomes vulnerable to excessive wear. This leads to failure of the computer controls and the machine. The PadPatch is designed to help protect the touch pad, and the new appearance gives customers a better impression of the laundry.

The installation consists of wiping the original overlay clean, then a simple peal-and-stick. This saves the labor of removing the original overlay; especially in the case of multiple repairs. The PadPatch was designed to be thin enough not to interfere with normal operation, yet tough enough to withstand daily use.

The PadPatch is available as Quick-Fix™, complete with instructions, which covers just the selection area.

For more information contact: American Switch, 43 Pleasant Avenue, Johnson City, NY 13790; Phone 607-759-1995; or visit http://domstouchpads.com

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