Dominics NewButton™ Overlay Repair Kits -
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Your Laundromat Washers and Dryers Look New With This!
"Fix it in a Minute"™

Now - Fix Just the Part That's Broken

Restore the Cracked/Broken Overlay in Less than 1 Minute - Permanently
Dominic's NewButton™ Overlay - “It Goes Right on Top!”
  • Restores new look
  • Stops “Damage Creep”
  • Protects delicate membrane switch
  • Reduces Downtime from a damaged computer
  • Saves you time – restore buttons in 1 minute or less
  • Saves you money – you don't need to replace the overlay
  • Saves you work – you don't need to replace original overlay

The overlay is the front of the touch pad - the part the customer sees and presses to make selections. You might call it the label or decal.

Impervious to water, heat, detergent, bleach, and any sanitizing chemicals

- Dominic's NewButton™ Overlays -

– They Don't Break, They Don't Even Crack! –

The PadPatch™ is a complete overlay repair kit.

It comes with:

  • The exclusive NewButton™ Overlay – more durable than the original on the machine
  • Spacers to use to fill in broken out spots
  • Alcohol pad to clean the area before applying
  • Complete instructions
  • Live Phone Support – just call me at: (607)759-1995
And it's Easy! Just wipe, peel, and stick!
Just scroll down and Order Now - Before a cracked/broken(ugly) overlay takes out your washer or dryer!

“They work great and fit perfectly.

What a great idea you have to repair what is necessary and what breaks all the time, without buying the whole part. Love it!

Thanks again.”

- Marge Bauer, Imperial, PA

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  • Just call, text, or email Ernie - We're working on new kits all the time.

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