Dexter Overlays
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Dexter Washer owner,

Tired of This?

Fix it With This!

Quick and Easy!

Goes right on top!

The LightShield™
- from Dominic’s TouchPads™

Changes the Ugly, broken indicator light cover on your Dexter Washer to new, clear, clean, and shiny!

Dexter washer LightShield™
  • Restores New Look
  • Protects the electronics from water, soap, and bleach
  • Seals holes in the broken overlay
  • Saves Time and Money – no need to replace the entire overlay! (Saves you a lot of work!)

Actual Cycle LightShield™ shown in photo.

  1. Wipe overlay with alcohol pad included
  2. Peel backer off LightShield
  3. Peel-and-Stick!
Super-Tuff™ repair – stronger than the original overlay!
"It's Laminated!"

Protect Your Investment and your washer’s good looks!

Ultra-Guard™ Lens goes right over the Time/Price window

Just: wipe, peel, and stick!

Bonus - Introductory Special

15% OFF Your Entire Order!
Use Coupon Code DLS15 At Check Out

NewButtons™ for Your Dexter Washer!

Instantly repair the cracks/breaks in your overlay. Stronger than the original overlay!

Just: wipe, peel, and stick!

Or – Get a FREE Sample Here!

I want to be sure that you’re completely happy with the LightShield™ – so I’ll even send you the first one FREE. I’ll even pay the shipping!